The Boulders @ Somersett
8. V? There might be something here.
21. ***V5 A tricky technical arete with small hold. Great fun and sustained if you go right to the grey knob at the top.
21a. **V3 Work out right to slab.

10. *V3 or **V1 A hard crimpy Sit start or a warm up one hold higher. If you eliminate the left arete on the sit start the problem is a bit more consistent.
16. VB Warm up Arete

19. **!V4R
Warrior SDS on the face. The low start and rocks make this problem impossible to pad well.

22. **V5 This area is great for an outdoor workout circuit and this is one of the reasons why. A good rail traverse that gets harder as you go.
23. **V3
Bellafrance start on the right side of a slopey rail work up then left. Good fun. Watch you chin.
23a ***V5
Olga Traverse the slopey rail to the crimps end up the left arete. A bit contrived, but great movement.
24. *V1 Crimpy slab with no feet

27. Vhard Bulging arete. Technical and crimpy.
35. V2 arete, harder then it looks
36. V1 Crunchy key hold not long for this world.
37. Vhard?

D's Lunge

1. **V3 low start one the arete and work you way right to the great side pull the jugs on top are off.
2. V1 Confounding slab. Start left work up and right. Too short.
3. *V0 Slab with a high start.
4. *V1 Another short slab
5. V4
Back in the Saddle high start on sidepull out left and up the bulge. A lot of scraps and work.
6. **V2 near SDS face meant to be climbed
6a. *!V4 work out left over the rock
7. *V5/6
D's Lunge Start on a crimp or 2 on the right side of the boulder get some awkward feet and one hard move up and scrap your way over.
7a. V1 High bear hug start.

Last I heard this area is under construction and closed to climbing.