The Pumpkin Patch
Squash Boulder
1. *V0 Undercling then up.
2. V? something might go here.
3. *V2 The grassy right trending seam
4. **V3
Sentinel Start with a left hand sidepull and a right hand sloper then up the two vertical cracks.
5. **V3
Up the Gut Start on opposing sidepulls then up the crack that starts at the left sidepull. The far left crack is off.
6. V1 Double laybacks to start then up the flakes and crack
7. V0 Bear hug the sidepulls, then up the good cracks.

Secret Face
1. ****!V2 Great movement on a high face with an old bolt on the top to make you feel good about yourself.

Jack-o-Lantern Boulder A good chunk of this boulder fell a couple years ago.
1. *V1
Jacks Crack SDS take the crack (V0) Stand start.
2. *V0 Snaggletooth Undercling the spike then straight up.
2a. *V1 Same start, but take the seam out left.
2b. V? SDS
3. *V2
Dentist almost a SDS on the block then up and left into the crack.
3a. **V3
Jack's Grin same start but traverse left under the tooth and out #2a.
3b. V2
The High Road same start but traverse left over the tooth.
4. **V5 Phoenix SDS on layback work up the slopey rail to the sidepull then left and up.
5. *V1
After Halloween Fun short mantle.

Mighty Midget Mantle
1. V5 Mighty Midget Mantle Well if you've made it to this one you're looking pretty hard for something to climb. SDS matched in a low triangular crack then up and over.
1a. V3 start with one hand up a crack.

Salle Boulder (The big boulder down hill from the Mighty Midget Mantle)
1. *V2 SDS on the left arete and work to the high point to top out.
1a. *V2 SDS same start, but keep traversing right around the corner before topping out.

La Salle Boulder
The Old Topo
The Pumpkin Boulder is now on Private Property.