The Washoes
I don't climb here a lot any more (so I'll I have it the old topo), but I used to climb out here a ton. The rock quality is good, but not great as their seems to be less holds every time I head out here. If it's to cold or snowed in to climb at the lake, or your looking for some volcanic rock and don't have time to make it to Bishop and don't want to destroy your hands at old county this is a good place. It's above Washoe Lake so expect some wind. If you happen to find yourself with a sea of pads and spotters check out the Tsunami wall. I recommend Silver Surfer, Maggot Brain, Crescent Moon, Storm Cycle, Twister and Back to the Slammer.

Directions: From US 395 in Carson City Exit East onto Arrowhead Drive then take a left at Goni Road. Goni takes a right just before a quarry and turns to a graded dirt road stay on it until you hit a cinder mine at a huge switchback. Park here and head up the dirt road blocked by some rocks to the main area, or north up hill to get to cinderside.