The Egg
*The Egg is another place that's good for an evening session, but doesn't have a ton a stuff. The view is nice and their is rarely anyone there. Their is also a lot of rock on the hills around it, but to date my explorations have yielded little. If its windy this is not the place to be.

Directions: From the I-580 (US 395) head to the south end of Washoe Valley and take the Eastlake Blvd Exit. From the exit get on the east side of the freeway if your not there already and head south on SR 428. Then turn right on Hobart Road and the first left on Lakeview Road and the second left on Buckskin Road (I don't think their is a street sign), The road heads up the hill and ends at a gated dirt road. Park here and follow that dirt road up then take the left to the hill top that overlooks Washoe valley. The dirt road ends there. This is also the lakeview slab climbing area.

10. V0 An un remarkable slab that is also the downclimb.
6. * V0R Walk up the slopey rail. Their are good crimps it you can find them.
5. **? V1 SDS on low right facing flake, move right to right facing crack and up to crimps.
4. ? V?R An arete with an opposing right hand to what looks like a crimp and the arete all over a terrible landing.
3. ***? V3R Easily the best line on the boulder the landing forces you up a narrow crimpy shoot with a committing mantle move up high.
2. ? V1/2?X Stand start on the rock work left into #3. As if the landing wasn't scary enough pulling off the giant hollow sounding guillotine like rock above you is a bit daunting. I did this one to do it, I don't remember it being particularly hard but I didn't write down the grade and I have no desire to repeat it.
1. ?? V1/2?X Well if gingerly using the death flake wasn't crazy enough for you why not get all the way under it an layback on it then head up.
1a. ? V1/2?X Another run up the death flake though this one seems a lot more survivable since you might be able to push the stone away from you. Work up the right side of the flake. I can't remember if I went up on the face or out right on the horizontal crack. It wasn't very memorable or very hard.

8. ** V3 Better than Golf Match hands on a sidepull on the arete and take the arete over the bulge and up the slab.
9. V?
A Bump too Far SDS in a crack and move up it, then out right to a right hand gaston then bump for the slopey bulge on the arete and up.