Comstock Quarry
Comstock Quarry:
I'd be lying if I said this was a stellar bouldering area, but it's close and worth checking out if you want a session of new stuff to climb. With a row of reasonably high easy problems with decent landings it a good place to cut your teeth on outdoor bouldering.

Directions: From North McCarran Blvd. and N. Virginia go south on Virginia, quick left on Comstock, just north of the RR tracks go left to a dirt road the follows the RR track about half a mile to a road that goes up the hill to a mesa of stone. The Quarry is on the back side of the first hill.

1. V2 SDS Short face with left hand on arete and right hand in crack in the dyhedral. The Right face of the dyhedtral is off.
2. V1R Dyhedral with a crappy landing.
3. V0** Arete with perfectly placed jugs.
4. V1 Dyhedral
5. V3** The best line here. SDS on the crimpy face with a scrunchy start to reachy crimps.
6. Vhard? maybe tiny crack to bolt holes?
7. VB start with foot on the rail the left an up on jugs.
8. V0R Jugs on worrisome rock with a worrisome landing.